My clock started ticking around 8:36 on 27th February of 1986. Soon, the ticking was replaced by Geiger counts, as Tschernobyl cloud proudly went West. Gradually, I started to show first signs of interests in math..

Today, after more than 30 years of continuous development of silly sense of humour, I see I truly went my way…

In preparation


Grant Participation

No role
NCN: No. 2015/17/N/ST6/03565 Modelling of fragmentation of biomolecules induced by electron transfer in mass spectrometry, leader
NCN: No. 2012/06/M/ST6/00438 executor
NCN: No. 2011/01/B/NZ2/00864 executor


Organised Scientific Meetings

Teaching Assistance

Advanced Monte Carlo Methods 1000-1M16ZMC
Introduction to Statistics 1300-OPST2CW
Stochastic Simulations 1000-135SST
Statistics II 1000-135ST2
Ordinary Differential Equations I Lab 1000-114bRRZIb
Computational Molecular Medicin 1000-2M14OMM

Academic Degrees

Date Affiliation
T > 2013 Modern Methods, Medicines and Treatments from the Viewpoint of Healthcare and Economy in the 21st Century Europe - Interdisciplinary Education in Biomedical Sciences, 2nd and 3rd Cycle Studies

PhD at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics at University of Warsaw. Joint project with the Faculty of Biology
T = 2015 Properties of the Parallel Tempering Algorithm

Master in Mathematics, Probability Theory
T = 2013 Gładkość operatorów w modelu gospodarki z podatkami

Master in Quantitative Methods in Economics
T = 2011 Implementing the homotopy methods in finding solutions of nonlinear and polynomial systems of equations

Bachelor in Mathematics in Numerical Analysis
T = 2010 Metody wyceny nieruchomości

Bachelor in Quantitative Methods in Economics

Spoken Languages

English Fluent, as certified by the CPE
French Almost fluent, finished a rather nice bilingual high-school
Italian Certo, parlo abbastanza bene, ma devo ricordarmene…

There were others, but I forgot because of my current work. It is a shame that I have to bear… Oh, there’s also Polish.